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Our environmental rooms and growth chambers will provide you with a stable and temperate environment that's perfect for various research disciplines. Our team has aided the research community for years and is a special division of our company. Get service that includes both supply and maintenance of controlled environment rooms by calling us.

Get a stable and temperate environment

With over 27 years of experience in the cold storage industry, rely on us for cold storage as well as environmental rooms!

 • DowElanco - Indianapolis facility

 • Iowa State University Biomedical

 • University of Michigan Biomedical

 • University of Michigan Public Health Research

 • And many more!

Serving several major research facilities

Our services extend beyond environmental and cold storage rooms. In fact, you can also get ripening rooms from us that will produce uniformity in your products while improving weight, extending shelf life, and helping you to have a better overall product.

Count on us for effective ripening rooms and more

Learn more about our environmental rooms and growth chambers today!


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