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May 23, 2013


Proform Thermal Systems, Inc.

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RE:    Reference Letter


To Whom It May Concern,


We have used Proform Thermal Systems for the past 5 years on over $5,000,000.00 in projects throughout the United States. We have found them to be both competitive and dependable. The personnel and materials that they used on our projects were of the highest quality. I have been impressed with their ability to manage subcontractors and schedules, bringing projects in on time and budget. We are currently working with Proform in Dallas on a project and look forward to working with them on many projects in the future. I would highly recommend Proform for any of your upcoming projects.



George P. Becker, Jr.

Director of Facilities Management

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May 24, 2013


To Whom It May Concern,


It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of Doug Petty & Ryan Tollander of Proform Thermal Systems. As a commercial real estate broker in the Twin Cities for the past 27 years I have dealt with every type of general contractor from tenant improvements to industrial design build facilities. My relationship with Proform has spanned 20 years. I have completed over 50 transactions with Proform during this time period.


While construction is inherently stressful for almost any tenant or owner, Doug & Ryan's services as a general contractor are invaluable. Every one of my clients have been extremely pleased with the final results. Specifically, I would give them top marks in the following areas:


1. Quality of work performed. The quality of their work is consistently top notch. Doug & Ryan use subcontractors who are knowledgable, skilled, and competent in their respective trades. They are conscientious about following project specifications, and their work product rarely needs improvement or revision.


2. Quality of work crews. The workmen that Doug & Ryan utilized are professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful. They have excellent work ethic (get the job done), good work habits, strong safety orientation and emphasized getting the job done right and efficiently. Their pride in the work is evident. This is a top down quality!


3. Project management and coordination. Proform project managers are knowledgeable about all aspects of a project, with the ability to plan, coordinate and manage the activities of different work crews effectively. Ryan remains closely involved in overseeing a project from start to finish. His excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills and commitment to follow-through are assets which enabled him to juggle the extensive details involved in a project without missing a beat. Doug & Ryan's familiarity with building codes and dealing with city hall also facilitate a smooth and hassle-free process when it comes to building permits and inspection.


4. Integrity and professionalism. Throughout any project, I'm always impressed with Doug & Ryan's commitment to generation a top quality product, rather than just trying to maximize profit margins. When situations arise where extra work is needed to be done (Because of hidden problems that are no apparent until work has commenced), Proform either (if it is a relatively minor) takes care of it without charging extra, or (if it is more extensive) involve my clients in an informed decision making process that culminated in a change order which is fair.


5. Effective communication. Doug & Ryan keep my clients closely informed of work crew schedules, delivery dates, and projected completion dates of different phases of a project. Their communication (whether by cell phone or email) is always  clear, informative, and helpful. Either is always available by cell phone or returned calls within 2-3 hours. It is very typical to never have a single miscommunication throughout a project. Their communication with their work crew is just as effective.


6. Flexibility and effectiveness in dealing with unexpected developments. When unforeseen problems surface (which always happened), Doug & Ryan work diligently with my clients to identify a solution that is acceptable. They utilize resources effectively (e.g. enlisting the services of outside professionals) are creative and direct their work crew to make changes necessary for implementing solutions. Their experience and expertise is evident in every solution.


7. Responsiveness to client needs and concerns. Doug & Ryan's commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their every action. Any concerns are listened to attentively and appropriate action that demonstrates responsiveness is applied. Proform is a service company!



8. Truth in advertising. In a Proform proposal, a clear breakdown of costs for each facet of the project is identified. Contracts are just as detailed in describing the work to be done. Contracts are just as detailed in describing the work to be done and the itemized costs. Same with the change orders. When a project is complete, all the work is done as described and agreed upon, and there are no hidden costs, extra expenses or unpleasant surprises. This is why I keep bringing my clients back to Proform. They deliver exactly what they promise, at the agreed upon price.


9. Value. Proform always delivers the best value (in terms of the work done) for the price. I never have to worry about a client's satisfaction!


In closing, I'm always very pleased with the final product and always extremely impressed with Proform's quality of work as a general contractor. Doug & Ryan's work for my clients is a direct reflection on me and my recommendation to utilize Proform's services - I have never been disappointed. In a world where shoddy workmanship and poor service are unfortunately all too common, Proform is indeed a rare find. I recommend Proform (Doug & Ryan Tollander) to you most enthusiastically, and without any reservations. If your have any questions about my experiences with them, please feel free to call me at 763-593-9333.



Chet Masserano

Corporate Real Estate Brokers, Inc.

May 23, 2013


Proform Thermal Systems, Inc.

10401 Jamestown Street

Blaine, MN 55449


RE: Reference Letter


To Whom It May Concern,


I have found Ryan Tollander and Jeremy Ones and their staff to be personable and easy to work with through each phase of our projects. For the past 18 years we have relied on Proform's construction expertise on scores of projects and we will continue to work with them in the future. They have been a vital asset to out business success.



Merdad Vejdani, PE

Director of Construction

Thermal Technologies, Inc.